Monday, April 7, 2014

Macabre Monday # 186 Steampunk Junk

The new challenge at Haunted Design House is all about Steampunk Junk, so another steampunk project for me. The junk part is a water gun, cuz Steampunkify a gun was on my "To Try List"for ages. I really wanted to use a Nerf gun, but my son wouldn't let me.......after seeing what I made of the water gun, he chamged his mind LOL. So maybe someday .....

here the finished water gun

DecoArt products used:
 Acrylic Gesso and Primer Sealer
Dazzling Metalics: Copper, Shimmering Silver, Venetian Gold
Americana Acrylic Lamp Black
Duraclear matte varnish

you also need a silver metallic spray paint, sanding paper and of course a toy gun

first sand the gun and clean it, add the Primer Sealer, let dry and Gesso the gun,

use the metallic silver spray paint (outside, I put the gun in a box first so there wouldn't be any paint on places you don't want the paint to be LOL). Spray several layers but let dry in between.

when dry, use the Dazzling in copper and venetion gold to paint some of the parts of the gun, see pic above

When dry use the Americana Acrylic lamp black to paint the rest of the gun, leaving the watertanks silver.

Let dry again. Next step is to age the gun I used lamp black on the silver parts and shimmering silver on the black parts. Add paint and let dry a bit and wipe away using a baby towel and kitchen towel. You just have to experiment a bit to see what works best. Dabbing with the kitchentowel after using a baby whipe worked best for me

Hope it looks like a Steampunk Gun now,  anyway, my follow Minions have some awesome steampunk stuff for you, go check out their bloggies.  Can't wait to see what you all make to enter the challenge

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

altered steampunk bottles

Hi all,

First some exciting news, the Rick St. Dennis Challenges will be back again starting May first, see all details, bout rules, freebies and prizes here. First theme is Steampunk so here some inspiration for you :-)

next exciting thing is,
 I have been working on some altered bottles, Rick suggested I'd do some bottles, and drew me some labels to go with, and allthough bottles are fun to play with it is pretty hard to paint a them. I had some special texture DecoArt products in my stash some of them were specially made for use on glass. Problem was I had never used it before so I wasn't sure how tings would turn out.

Therefor I thought to work on 3 different bottles at the same time and see which one turned out best to submit to Just Steampunk Magazine vol. 5.

It took some drying time and sometimes I had to change plan a bit, but I really like them all, they are all different but I think they all look good so I submited them all to the magazine and they will all be published :-) in Volume 5 of Just Steampunk magazine, it will be in shops at Scott Publications in August.
 I will try to explain what I did in this post. First some pics

supply list:

DecoArt products used:
Americana Decoupage , Elegant Finish Metallics in : Reinassance Brown, Emperors Gold. Texture Fierro in Iron Black and Green Gold. Metallic Lustres in: Iced Espresso, Black Shimmer, Silver Spark. Dura Clear Matte Varnish, Americana Acrylics in Hauser Light Green, Traditiona burnt umber, Decoart Gloss Enamels in Indian Turquoise. Texture glass, Glazing medium.

Tim Holtz embossing folders : Diamond plate and Riveted metal, black cardstock, Silver Metallic spray paint,white glue, kinder toververf, brown cardstock, versamark embossing ink, clear embossing powder, plastic frame, decoration material from hardware store (wire, bolts, nuts etc), a piece of net. Peacock feather. Some broken jewelry and charms, plastic skull, beads, hat pin, glue, Distress ink: Walnt Stain, Broken china, Mustard seed. And the most important thing BOTTLES (any bottle you like will do, just clean them very well before you start)
 how to
I worked on all bottles at the same time because there is some drying time involved here and when one bottle is drying you can start with the next. I will explain bottle for bottle, otherwise things will be very confusing. So here is bottle 1

pic above is a before and after pic, just so you can see what I started with and how it turned out.

First remove any original lables on this bottle,  and clean it
Apply the Glas texture (use a palette knife andto create some texture), this will dry clear and can be painted using acrylic paint. I use gloss enamel Indian Turqoise because I don't have the colour in acrylic, but that would have worked too. when painted let dry and put a layer matte varnish on and let dry. Next add glazes using emprerors gold and the tratiotonal burnt umber (I colour at a time and let dry in between, you will have to wipe away some of the glaze to rubb it into the texture) When the glazs are dry add another layer of Matte Varnish on to protect the painting.

The stopper is the orignal cork decorated with some clock pieces and bolts, beads and a hat pin to keep them all together. 

The label, a Rick St.Dennis Digi is coloured using distress ink, (broken china and mustard seed) to age it use versamark embossing ink and clear embossing powder. Use at least 3 layers of embossing powder (melt in between each layer) and put it in the freeze for 10 minutes, get it out and break the embossing powder, use dome distress ink to rubb into the cracks.

Use foam tape to add it to the bottle, decorate using wire, clock parts and bolts ( age all decorations with metallic lusters)

Bottle 2   (see pic below for before and after)

Remove the cork complete with the iron piece that closes it, remove labels and cover the bottle with a layer of decoupage and let dry.
add the Texture Fierro (black first) using a palette knife (make sure the holes where the iron piece goes stay open) let dry.

Use an old paint brush to dabb some of the green gold Texture Fierro on, let dry and use Reinassance Brown  Elegant finishes to age the bottle, just dabb some on random spots very carefully. When dry use the net to wrap the bottle (attache it to the bottle neck and tie it on the back of the bottle) Decorate using the charms. Put the cork back on the bottle  with the iron part, Age the cork using Metallic lustress and add some bolts ad the skull (also lustre those )

The label is a Rick St. Dennis digi, coloured using pencils,  cut a label using the brown cardstock, add the coloured digi and use some walnut stain to age the label, attache it to the iron part of the cork.
Cut out another coloured RSD digi label and make sure it fits the frame, use some distress to age that image aswell befor you put it in the frame. Attache the frame to the bottle using a chain.

Bottle 3

ok this isn't a real bottle it's an oil lamp LOL see pic below
but now it is an Absinthe bottle 
Remove the cap and the fuse, the iron ring can't be removed but the part that held the fuse can be screwed off (to till with lampoil, but I used paint LOL)

This is the hardest one to paint cause it's painted from the inside and that is har to control.

Start with a mix of white glue and water (50/50) and add Hauser Light Green for colour, poor this in the bottle and twirl till the paint is all over the inside of the bottle (the paint will drop to the bottom of the bottle after a while when you put it aside, just repeat the twirling part till you like the result, poor the rest of the mix out of the bottle and let dry.
Next layer is the silver metallic spray paint (spray  the paint in a plastic cup and poor it in the bottle and twirl again, this will stick much easier than the first layer) Last layer is the green paint it's a waterbased paint for kids, called magic paint, it takes a while to dry and it has some gold shimmer in it, poor in the botte and cover the whole inside till you bottle look like mine. Let dry.

color  the Rick St. Dennis label and mat it to black cardstock, cut a black cardstock strip to go around the bottle (emboss first, and use metallic lustres to give it a metal look) add it to the bottle and then add the label

see the back of the bottle

add an embossed piece of cardstock to the cap aswell (metallic lustre for metal look) and decorate the bottle using a chain and some charms (I use fairies cuz Absinth is also known as the Green Fairy)

that's it if you have questions please let me know

I will enter the bottles in the following challenges; my fav technique is painting bottles

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Amulet and Brigitte

I've got 2 things to show you, an Art Journal page and a card.

The devil image is a Rick St.dennis digi called Amulet and he can be found here, the background is a Gelli plate using Americana Acrylic paints by DecoArt ( colours used: Tomato red, Ocean Blue and Snow white)

The quote is from a song called "thanks for the memories"by the Fall Out Boys (I changed it a little bit to fit the page), I got the idea while I did my run, this was one of the sons on my running app. When I heard that part of the lyrics it made me think of Amulet LOL
Amulet was coloured using pencils

I will enter this in the following challenges:

next is the card

I used a rubber stamp called Brigitte from I Brake for Stamps, it's one of the Randi Dandi images by Rick St.dennis.  It's just a simple card, hope you like it anyway

The image was stamped using Archival Jet Black ink and coloured using pencils.

I will enter this card in the following challenges

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Left of the Center Challenge blog anniversary day 20

Left of the Center is one of the blogs I play if I have the chance, the challenges are always non cute, so I guess that's why I like to go and play there LOL. This month LOC has an anniversary challenge, it lasts whole month and there a great prizes to be won and lots of inspiration to be seen, so go check it out.

Maureen, (usually Mo, but a bit confusing, so we talk to each other as "the other Mo" which I guess doesn't make things easier) asked me if I wanted to do a GDT project for the first anniversary, sure, why here it is,.... my offering for the LOC anniversary is an Art Journal page using the Rick St.dennis MFA Vampyr Masquerade digi

 the background used is a gelli print as base and added some stenceling, the stars, and the funny looking plant, and the circles on the edges. Paints used are all DecoArt Americana Acrylics, colours used: Red alert, Spiced Pumpkin, Winter Blue, Purple Pizzazz, Carousel Pink, Sour Apple, Moon Yellow.

The Vampyr Masquerade image is coloured using Derwent Coloursoft pencils, the senti says: "I love the night, it's the only time I feel really alive.

Thanks Mo for asking me and a happy anniversary to LOC

I will enter this in the following challenges':

Monday, March 24, 2014

Macabre Monday # 184 Skullduggery

Our new Macabre Monday theme for the next two weeks:


The word 'skulduggery' is a noun,
meaning underhanded or unscrupulous behavior; trickery.
Notice how we purposely misspelled it with two "l"s?
We're looking for SKULLS, but if you can manage to work
both the definition, and the skulls in,
then you have a win, win project on your hands! 

So, just to be clear, we want to see skulls. Lots, and lots of skulls

Also a new Minion in the Dungeon, Fiona Randall, go check out her awesome work

sooooo skulls it is, I made a skull shrine

Deco Art products used:
Dazzling Metalics Venetian Gold
American Acrylics, colours: Mocha, Sable Brown, Sand, Lamp black, Traditional Burnt Sienna
Americana GessoWeathered Wood Crackle MediumDura Clear Matte VarnishGlazing Medium
Elegant finish Metallics  in Renaissance Brown and Emperors Gold Metallic Lustres in Iced Espresso, Copper Kettle,  silver spark,  Black Shimmer.
Texture Fierro  Iron Green
The skull  is a Smeared Ink digi
The rubber stamps are from the Stempelwinkel, the skull/cross bone is a clear stamp, brand unknown
the shrine is made using the vintage cabinet card die and card board, and the fence is the die in the pic

I die cutted (is that a word?) the vintage card 6 times, 2 were given the same treatment as the Dragon Book, see how to here (as a matter a fact I die cutted those 2 from my test piece. I tried this aging  technique on the cardbord first before using it on the book. So glad I saved it cause it saved me a lot of work for this LOL)
The 4 other vintage cabinet cards were glued together. I glued one of the ages cards on the top (aged side up, doh!). Cut the hole out using a ruler and craft knife, safe the aged piece you cut out.
glue the other aged card on the back, (aged side to the back, so you see both aged sides)
see pic
the square aged piece you cut out the first card will be glued in the hole, aged side up, now all sides have a nice aged look and only the sides have to be aged (inside the hole and around the card) but first stamp all the skullies.

To age the sides I used Texture Fierro, apply using a palette knife. Let Dry and add some Elegant Finish Metallics
The flower is also a Tim Holtz Die, same as the ones I used for the Dragon Book, this was a left over from that I explained how to make them here.
The skull is printed twice , cut out and layerd using foam tape to create some dimension, distressed with glossy crackle accents and walnut stain distress ink.

that's about it, go check out the other minions blogs to see the amazing skull projects they made

I will enter the following challenges

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Another Steampunk project to show you, made for Just Steampunk magazine vol 5.
A lot of pics to show you , this project needs a lot of drying time in between aal layers of paint and varnish,  prepping the book will take some time too.

It's best to start with the inside of the book and add all decoration on the outside last

 Making this book took several days, just so you know this is not a quick and easy project to make.
It's a lot of fun to use all the different techniques (thanks Rick for giving some aging tips, you're the best),  you will need some patience :-)
I will try to explain what I did

Supply List

Digital dragon image by Rick St. Dennis MFA

Deco Art products used:
Dazzling Metalics Venetian Gold
American Acrylics, colours: Mocha, Sable Brown, Sand, Lamp black, Traditional Burnt Umber
Americana Gesso, Decoupage, Weathered Wood Crackle Medium, Dura Clear Matte Varnish, Glazing Medium
Elegant finish Metallics  in Renaissance Brown. Metallic Lustres in Iced Espresso, Silver Spark, Copper Kettle, Black Shimmer.

An old book (I used a new one, the one in the pic above, but any book will do) Ruler, Craft knife, Achival Jet Black stamp ink. Gear stamps, I used rubberstamps by Kicostamps (Steampunk plate 1 and 41), embossing pen, Alphabet stamps, Walnut Stain Distress ink, Kitchen towel, old tooth brush, black cardstock and thin card board (cereal box will do fine)

Foam tape, Metal foil tape (hardware store), Ranger Crackle accents, Sizzix Dies; Hardware Findings, Gadget Gears, Elegant Flourishes.
Cuttlebug embosing folder Textile texture, Sizzix Alterations embossing folders Diamond Plate and Riveted Metal

How to:

The dragon (a Rick St. Dennis MFA Digital stamp)

Print the dragon image on sturdy paper, colour (make a laser print colour copy cause you will need the head on the front of the book, and this way you don't have to color it twice)  and cut it out add foam tape to the back and attache it in the shadowbox, (I used distress ink to give the dragon the same aged look as the book after colouring it)

The outside of the book.

First gesso it till you can't see what was on the cover of the book, you need a white background to start with. Let dry.

First layer paint is the gold, when dry add weathered wood crackle medium. Use  Mocha, Sable Brown, Sand acrlic paint and a kitchen towel (make a puff dabb in all three colours and dabb it on the cover to create a marble look) as the top layer for the crackles. Let dry and add 2 layers of Matte Varnish, when dry , make a glaze using traditional burnt umber and Glazing medium, add the glaze on the book using a brush and dabb it off using kitchen towel (make a puff again) next layer is the glaze but use the kitchen towel puffs to add it this time. Keep doing this till you like result. Let dry.
Next add some lamp black to the glaze and use a tooth brush to splatter some of the glaze on the book, carful use a fine spatter. Let dry. Add 2 layers of matte varnish (let dry in between layers) to protect the paint.

Die cut all the gears and other parts using the card board, emboss them and paint them black, then use metallic lustres to give them a metal look. Take the piece of black cardstock cut to size to be able to make a frame and emboss, use the metallic lustres to age.
The colour copy dragon, cut out the head in a way it will fit in the frame you made. add glossy accents crackle to the dragon image, let dry, age with distress ink. Use foam tape to adde the frame to the dragon image and make it a bit more sturdy by adding it to a piece of cardboard, use foam tape to attache to the book cover. Add the embellisments (gears, flowers, hinges) Decorate the hinges on the spine with some pearls or rhinestones.

The inside of the book

there should be some pages on the side oposite to the shadow box that will be cut out of the pages of the book. decide howmany you want on that side, glue the pages where you will be cutting the hole in on the 3 sides of the paper using Decoupage, make sure the pages stay together when drying use clamps for that.

do the same with the pages on the otherside of the book

When glue is dry and pages stick together start cutting out a hole to to create the shadow box, use a ruler and craftknife.
when done glue the pages on the inside of the hole same way as you did on the outside

 use metal tape on the pages to create a metal look, use ruler and embossing pen to make the riveted metal look, when done add lampblack acrylic using a sponge, not to much, go for a mottled look by dabbing the sponge on the metal tape. Let dry.

Stamp the quote using Archival Jet black and paint them over using lamp black acrylic paint, when dry stamp the border using the gear stamps.

Age the sides of the book using lamp black and Metallic Glaze in Renaissance Brown

this was the dragon before it was cut out and distressed

I will enter this book in the following challenge